When you apply a HOC to a component, though, the original component is wrapped with a container component. That means the new component does not have any of the static methods of the original component.

// Define a static method
WrappedComponent.staticMethod = function() {/*...*/}
// Now apply a HOC
const EnhancedComponent = enhance(WrappedComponent);

// The enhanced component has no static method
typeof EnhancedComponent.staticMethod === 'undefined' // true
However, this requires you to know exactly which methods need to be copied. You can use hoist-non-react-statics to automatically copy all non-React static methods:

import hoistNonReactStatic from 'hoist-non-react-statics';
function enhance(WrappedComponent) {
  class Enhance extends React.Component {/*...*/}
  hoistNonReactStatic(Enhance, WrappedComponent);
  return Enhance;
Another possible solution is to export the static method separately from the component itself.

// Instead of...
MyComponent.someFunction = someFunction;
export default MyComponent;

// ...export the method separately...
export { someFunction };

// ...and in the consuming module, import both
import MyComponent, { someFunction } from './MyComponent.js';
To solve this, you could copy the methods onto the container before returning it:

function enhance(WrappedComponent) {
  class Enhance extends React.Component {/*...*/}
  // Must know exactly which method(s) to copy :(
  Enhance.staticMethod = WrappedComponent.staticMethod;
  return Enhance;


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