You will need to have window, window.document and window.document.createElement globally available before you import React. Otherwise React will think it can’t access the DOM and methods like setState won’t work.

Changing the value of an input field and then pressing ENTER.

// <input ref={(node) => this.textInput = node} />
const node = this.textInput;
node.value = 'giraffe';
ReactTestUtils.Simulate.keyDown(node, {key: "Enter", keyCode: 13, which: 13});
Clicking an element

// <button ref={(node) => this.button = node}>...</button>
const node = this.button;;

You need to wait for the promise to resolve setting your test as async and using await / act, this is the method I use but you can find other options by googling jest asynchronous testing

  import { act } from 'react-dom/test-utils';
  describe("Toolbar Add functionality", async () => {
    let wrapper;
    let gameService;

    beforeEach(() => {
      // I'm not sure about this arragement for gameService creation though
      const gameService = new Game();
      wrapper = mount(<Toolbar gameService={gameService} />);

    it("Should make an API call when clicked add button", () => {
      const getSpy = jest.spyOn(gameService, "add");

      const inputField = wrapper.find("form").find("input");
      inputField.simulate("change", { target: { value: "name" } });
      await act(async () => await Promise.resolve());

There's also a few other useful utilities there for making assertions about the DOM structure. Just download the development addons build (react-with-addons.js) and pull it out like so:

var ReactTestUtils = React.addons.TestUtils;;


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